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Blanche Dodd Elementary

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Blanche Dodd Elementary Mission, Vision, Values

KISD Mission Statement

Krum ISD’s mission is to create a collaborative atmosphere with parents, students and members of the community in order to ensure students will reach their full potential by providing every child with an exceptional education. We will strive to prepare our students academically and socially to embrace their future challenges, as well as ignite the desire to be lifelong learners, by providing a safe, respectful and positive learning environment.

Blanche Dodd Elementary Mission Statement

It is our mission to educate each child through the use of quality instruction and positive relationships.  We will strive to motivate each student to discover their unlimited potential and have a positive impact on their community. 

Blanche Dodd Elementary Vision Statements

We are a family of passionate professionals with varied talents and abilities who motivate and nurture future generations!  We are here to motivate, inspire, love, and help students reach their full potential.  

We will invest in our students by building quality relationships with them, their parents, and the community.  

We will promote a positive and fun atmosphere with quality, innovative lessons, while striving to understand the individual needs of our students.  

We desire to use our passion for education to inspire others to make a positive difference in the world.    

We are the heart of the community!  We are Krum Bobcats!  


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Teamwork Responsibility

Respect Appreciation