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Blanche Dodd Elementary

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Disciplinary Policies & Procedures

In accordance with NEHS and Blanche Dodd Elementary bylaws, membership is an honor and
all NEHS members must uphold the rigorous standards they pledged at the time of induction.
These standards are acts of scholarship, leadership, responsibility, and service.
In the event that a chapter member has been brought to the attention of the NEHS chapter adviser
for disciplinary concerns, the following procedures will take place:

1. Faculty Council will meet to review the NEHS member’s disciplinary concerns.

2. Members will then be warned in writing by the chapter adviser and given a reasonable
    amount of time to correct the behavior. If member has had multiple warnings, due
    process will occur.

3. However, in circumstances where there has been a flagrant violation of school rules
    and/or law, pending dismissal, due process will take place.
        a.  A member will have a right to a hearing with the Faculty Council.
        b. The member in question will be placed on suspension from taking part in NEHS
            activities until the outcome of the hearing has been made.
        c. The chapter adviser will send notification of the time and date of meeting so that
            the parent and child can be in attendance.
        d. Following the hearing with the member in question, a majority vote of the
            Faculty Council will be used to determine if a member will be dismissed from
        e. The member will be notified in writing as to the decision made by the Faculty
        f.  Dismissed members must immediately return their NEHS pin and t-shirt
            to the chapter adviser.
        g. A member who has been dismissed may appeal the decision to school principal.
        h. Members who have been dismissed may be reconsidered for candidacy through
            written request to the chapter adviser.

4. In all discipline instances, the Faculty Council has a right to consider a warning,
    probationary period, and/or dismissal in regards to a member’s participation in the BDIS
    NEHS chapter activities.