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Blanche Dodd Elementary

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The Dodd House System


The Dodd House System was established in 2018.  The House System originated in England and is a traditional feature of English schools.  This structure also applies to similar schools in the United States.  The school is divided into subunits called “houses” and each student is assigned to one house at the moment of enrollment.  The Dodd House System calls for EVERY student and staff member to be sorted into one of six houses.  They will remain a member of the same house throughout their time at Dodd (2nd-5th grade). 

Why the House System?

The House System allows us to create a strong sense of community between all students and staff members by getting to know others we might not see on a daily basis.  It instills strong school spirit and pride, and it’s where we learn and practice our six pillars of character...the traits that we strive to instill in each Bobcat before leaving Dodd.  Participation in the House System allows students to set goals together, compete together, motivate and encourage one another, and ultimately form a family-like bond with their other House members.  

Who are we?

Blanche Dodd students are ALL Bobcats AND we are ALL learners.  Each House name was selected from a different language meaning “learner”.  Each House is also identified by a different color, mascot, and song.  While all Houses are part of Blanche Dodd Elementary, each House really takes on a distinct identity of its own.  We are truly “SIx Houses, One Family”.    

How are Houses used?

 Each House is made up of a mixture of students from each grade level which promotes peer mentoring and provides opportunities for students to get to know other children in the school.  House meetings are held to allow students the opportunity to meet with their House leaders and members to build relationships and participate in character lessons.

House members are motivated to earn points (tickets) during the school day for their House family.  Students earn points for their House by demonstrating good behavior based on the six pillars of character, having good attendance, working hard, and helping others.  Points are announced weekly, and the House with the MOST points for the week is honored with the House Spirit Stick.  Their House name is also featured on the House Leader Board for the week.  

The House earning the MOST points each nine weeks will receive a House party.  The House earning the MOST points for the entire YEAR will be treated to a House field trip and, of course, will be the reigning HOUSE CHAMPION for the year.


House Meetings are held monthly 2:15-3:00.  Fridays are designated as House Days.  Wear your House shirt or house color EVERY Friday.      

Important Dates & Activities

School Family Morning Assemblies - The last Friday of the month 7:30-8:10 for Character Awards & Celebrations.

House Meetings - The first Friday of the month 2:15-3:00.

All school activities will be held by house (ie. food drives, box top collection, etc.)