Graph Art #5 Valentine

Assignment:Image result for google sheets image
Create a picture by coloring cells in Google Sheets. 
We will learn the basics of Google Sheets.
I will create a picture in Google Sheets.
Click a new tab and go to Google Sheets then click blank to start a new document.
Add 7 columns:
  • highlight 7 columns (highlight a column by clicking on the name, the letter, of the column)
  • right click the highlighted columns
  • click "insert 7 right"
insert column 
Resize the columns
  • highlight all the columns A-AG & make the cells square (you can make them smaller by dragging the line between two cells names to the left)
resize column
Graph Art #5
Paint these cells red:
  • F2-M2, R2-Y2
  • E3-N3, Q3-Z3
  • D4-AA4
  • D5-AA5
  • D6-AA6
  • E7-Z7
  • F8-Y8
  • G9-X9
  • I10-V10
  • J11-U11
  • K12-T12
  • M13-R13
Paint these cells pink:
  • H4-M4, R4-W4
  • G5-N5, Q5-X5
  • G6-X6
  • H7-W7
  • I8-V8
  • K9-T9
  • L10-S10
  • M11-R11
  • N12-Q12
Paint these cells purple:
  • K5-L5, S5-T5
  • J6-M6, R6-U6
  • K7-N7, Q7-T7
  • L8-S8
  • N9-Q9
  • O10-P10