ASCII Art Group 4 Valentine

Assignment: Cover art
Create a picture with text in Google Docs. 
We will learn how to be creative with Google Docs.
I will create a picture in Google Docs.
Click the new tab and go to Google Docs then click blank to start a new document.
  • Set the Font to Courrier New
  • Change the Font Size to 12
  • Change Line Spacing to single
Docs picture set up
  • Set all margins to .5
Page setup  set margins .5
Turn your Caps Lock on.
If the picture is a landscape picture set the orientation to landscape.
Number 23
  1. 3sp, 2X, 5sp, 2X
  2. 4sp, 3X, 3sp, 3X
  3. 5sp, 4X, 1sp, 4X
  4. 6sp, 9X
  5. 7sp, 9X
  6. 8sp, 9X
  7. 9sp, 10X, 21sp, 10X
  8. 6sp, 17X, 13sp, 17X
  9. 4sp, 22X, 7sp, 22X
  10. 2sp, 26X, 3sp, 26X
  11. 1sp, 57X
  12. 59X
  13. 12x, 3sp, 22X, 10sp, 12X
  14. 11X, 5sp, 18X, 14sp, 11X
  15. 11X, 6sp, 9X, 1sp, 5X, 16sp, 11X
  16. 11X, 7sp, 9X, 1sp, 3X, 17sp, 11X
  17. 1sp, 11X, 7sp, 9X, 1sp, 1X, 17sp, 11X
  18. 1sp, 11X, 8sp, 9X, 18sp, 11X
  19. 2sp, 11X, 8sp, 9X, 16sp, 11X
  20. 2sp, 11X, 9sp, 9X, 15sp, 11X
  21. 3sp, 11X, 9sp, 9X, 13sp, 11X
  22. 4sp, 11X, 9sp, 9X, 11sp, 11X
  23. 5sp, 11X, 9sp, 9X, 9sp, 11X
  24. 6sp, 11X, 9sp, 9X, 7sp, 11X
  25. 7sp, 11X, 9sp, 9X, 5sp, 11X
  26. 8sp, 11X, 9sp, 9X, 3sp, 11X
  27. 10sp, 11X, 8sp, 20X
  28. 12sp, 11X, 7sp, 17X
  29. 13sp, 11X, 7sp, 15X
  30. 15sp, 11X, 6sp, 12X
  31. 17sp, 11X, 3sp, 12X
  32. 19sp, 10X, 1sp, 14X
  33. 21sp, 24X
  34. 22sp, 24X, 4sp, 2X
  35. 23sp, 13X, 2sp, 9X, 1sp, 4X
  36. 25sp, 9X, 5sp, 12X
  37. 27sp, 5X, 8sp, 12X
  38. 28sp, 3X, 10sp, 11X
  39. 29sp, 1X, 10sp, 12X
  40. 39sp, 13X
Number 24
  1. 13sp, 13B, 4sp, 8E, 10sp, 7M, 2sp, 7M, 3sp, 5Y, 2sp, 5Y
  2. 14sp, 7B, 4sp, 2B, 3sp, 2E, 16sp, 7M, 2sp, 7M, 4sp, 4Y, 2sp, 4Y
  3. 15sp, 6B, 4sp, 2B, 3sp, 2E, 16sp, 2M, 1sp, 4M, 2sp, 4M, 1sp, 2M, 5sp, 3Y, 2sp, 3Y
  4. 16sp, 5B, 4sp, 2B, 3sp, 2E, 16sp, 2M, 2sp, 3M, 2sp, 3M, 2sp, 2M, 6sp, 2Y, 2sp, 2Y
  5. 17sp, 9B, 4sp, 7E, 11sp, 2M, 3sp, 2M, 2sp, 2M, 3sp, 2M, 7sp, 1Y, 2sp, 1Y
  6. 18sp, 3B, 4sp, 2B, 3sp, 2E, 16sp, 2M, 4sp, 4M, 4sp, 2M, 8sp, 2Y
  7. 19sp, 7B, 4sp, 8E, 10sp, 2M, 5sp, 2M, 5sp, 2M, 8sp, 2Y
  8. BLANK
  9. BLANK
  10. 6V, 2sp, 6V, 3sp, 2A, 8sp, 2L, 8sp, 8E, 2sp, 8N, 2sp, 8T, 3sp, 2I, 3sp, 8N, 2sp, 8E
  11. 1sp, 5V, 2sp, 5V, 3sp, 4A, 7sp, 2L, 8sp, 2E, 8sp, 8N, 5sp, 2T, 6sp, 2I, 3sp, 8N, 2sp, 2E
  12. 2sp, 4V, 2sp, 4V, 3sp, 2A, 2sp, 2A, 6sp, 2L, 8sp, 2E, 8sp, 2N, 1sp, 5N. 5sp, 2T, 6sp, 2I, 3sp, 2N, 1sp, 5N, 2sp, 2E
  13. 3sp, 3V, 2sp, 3V, 3sp, 3A, 2sp, 3A, 5sp, 2L, 8sp, 2E, 8sp, 2N, 2sp, 4N. 5sp, 2%, 6sp, 2I, 3sp, 2N, 2sp, 4N, 2sp, 2#
  14. 4sp, 2V, 2sp, 2V, 3sp, 102A, 4sp, 2L, 8sp, 7E, 3sp, 2N, 3sp, 3N. 5sp, 2T, 6sp, 2I, 3sp, 2N, 3sp, 2N, 2sp, 7E
  15. 5sp, 4V, 3sp, 5A, 2sp, 5A, 3sp, 2L, 8sp, 2E, 8sp, 2N, 4sp, 2N. 5sp, 2T, 6sp, 2I, 3sp, 2N, 4sp, 2N, 2sp, 2E
  16. 6sp, 2V, 3sp, 6A, 2sp, 6A, 2sp, 8L, 2sp, 8E, 2sp, 2N, 5sp, 1N. 5sp, 2T, 6sp, 2I, 3sp, 2N, 5sp, 1N, 2sp, 8E
  17. BLANK
  18. BLANK
  19. 3sp, 6V, 5sp, 6V
  20. 1sp, 9V, 3sp, 9V
  21. 11V, 1sp, 11V
  22. 23V
  23. 23V
  24. 1sp, 21V
  25. 2sp, 19V
  26. 3sp, 17V
  27. 4sp, 15V
  28. 5sp, 13V
  29. 6sp, 11V
  30. 7sp, 9V
  31. 8sp, 7V
  32. 9sp, 5V
  33. 10sp, 3V
  34. 11sp, 1V