4th & 5th Grade

We will practice typing with our hands on home row keys.
I will try my best to type using home row keys.
Work to get at least 4 stars on every lesson and at least an average 15 WPM.
4th Grade will be working on Typing Jungle Lessons.
5th Grade will be working on Typing Jungle Lessons & DC Typing.
Grades will be based on how many stars you get on the lessons.
5 stars = A+ (98)
4 stars = A (95)
3 stars = A- (90)
2 stars = B (85)
1 star = B- (80)
no stars = C (75)
Speed grades will be based on your average WPM.
35 WPM = A+ (98)
20 WPM = A (95)
15 WPM = A- (90)
10 WPM = B (85)
5 WPM = B- (80)
Less than 5 = C (75)
 Reflex Math
Assignment:  Reflex
Get a green dot in ReflexMath.
Click the link above and use the teacher code jnabors to login.
Keyboarding Games:
Keyboarding games at kidztype.com
Keyboarding games at freetypinggames.net
Keyboarding games at typinggames.com
Keyboarding games at sense-lang.org
Google Draw:
Assignment:Image result for google drawing image
Draw a picture using Google Drawing. If you need help with Google Drawing watch this video.
We will learn how to draw on the computer.
Google Sheets:
Assignment:Image result for google sheets image
Create a picture by coloring cells in Google Sheets. 
We will learn the basics of Google Sheets.
I will create a picture in Google Sheets.
Click a new tab and go to Google Sheets then click blank to start a new document.
Add 7 columns:
  • highlight 7 columns (highlight a column by clicking on the name, the letter, of the column)
  • right click the highlighted columns
  • click "insert 7 right"
insert column 
Resize the columns
  • highlight all the columns A-AG & make the cells square (you can make them smaller by dragging the line between two cells names to the left)
resize column
Google Docs:
Assignment: Cover art
Create a picture with text in Google Docs. 
We will learn how to be creative with Google Docs.
I will create a picture in Google Docs.
Click the new tab and go to Google Docs then click blank to start a new document.
  • Set the Font to Courier New
  • Change the Font Size to 18
  • Change Line Spacing to single
  • Turn your Caps Lock on.
Docs picture set up
Google Slides:
Assignment:Image result for google slides image
Create a slideshow.
We will make a Google Slides presentation.
You will receive a grade for a completed presentation.
  • You must name the file.
  • You must choose a theme from the themes provided in Google Slides.
  • You must have a title slide with the title in the title box and your name in the subtitle box.
  • You must have three to five additional slides.