Welcome/Contact Info.

Position: Fifth-Grade Teacher
First Name: Sue Ellen
Last Name: Vardell


Parents and students,

As we begin to navigate these uncertain times, we will be moving to online/remote instruction. I will be posting assignments each week during the shut down in google classroom. Your student has already practiced using this in my classroom. These will be the TEKS/topics that I had already planned on teaching, so understand that I am not adding any material that is unnecessary. 


I am not sure how all this will play out, and as far as grading and turning in assignments, I will keep you posted. I do know that any weekly assessments that are assigned will be critical, as they are automatically graded by the computer. Anything that is done on paper or printed...I am just not sure about yet.


Most importantly, the health of you and your family, really all of us, is what matters most.

Stay healthy, and stay tuned.

Miss you all,

Mrs. Vardell

Sue Ellen Vardell
ELAR Department Head
940-482-2603 Ex. 5022
Conference: 11:05-12:05