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Important Dates

Blanche Dodd Intermediate

National Elementary Honor Society


Membership Selection Timeline


January 01, 2020                         Semester A averages determine initial candidacy

January 17-February 13, 2020     Faculty Evaluations of candidates

March 20, 2020                            Final candidate list determined by 1st semester and 3rd nine weeks average

April 10, 2020                              Candidate letters, includes parent packet, to students and parents

May 4, 2020  Deadline for candidate packets returned to Mrs. Kragh

May 6 - 14, 2020                          Faculty Council will review candidacy

May 15, 2020                               Membership letters will go out to students (also notified by phone)

May 21, 2020                               Deadline for membership acceptance form to Mrs. Kragh

To Be Announced                         NEHS Induction Ceremony at 6:00 in the High School PAC (will occur in the early fall)