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Library Rules

  • Students may checkout 3 books per patron ( most teachers are requiring two Fiction and one Non Fiction book).
  • Students must keep talking at a very low level and no running and playing around in the Library.
  • Please be respectful to the care and cleanliness of the  Library,and show respect to the Librarian, teacher, and fellow students in the Library.
  • Line up quietly at the checkout counter to check in ( bring the books back to the Library) and checkout ( take the books out of the Library).
  • Neatly place your checked in books on the book cart. Stand them up and do not just pile them on top of each other.
  • Please get a blue browser as soon as you check in and use it to mark the space in the shelf as you pull books out.
  • If you need to keep your book longer than 2 weeks, please let me know so I can renew the book for longer.
  • Books in a series or that are very popular and have a waiting list, may only be checked out for 2 weeks at a time unless I authorize longer.
  • Please push in your chairs at the table when you are exiting the Library.
  • Use the student computers to look up your books before you ask for help.
  • We will have Library instructional classes that will teach you helpful information about a Library.
  • Know your reading level and the type of books that your teacher is requiring you to check out BEFORE you come to the Library. I do not have that information for each individual and will not be able to tell you.
  • You may look at but not play with any centerpieces or decorative items in the Library. They are here for your viewing enjoyment only.
  • If you make a visit to the Library without your class or assigned group, you must sign in the log every time. There is a notebook on the checkout counter to sign your full name and the date.

    Please note that books that are not returned within 4 weeks may be considered lost and you will have to pay the price of the lost book if you do not return it. If you have it and need it renewed, you must let me know before you have it for 4 weeks.
    If you paid for a lost book and then find and return it, you will be refunded if it is returned within 3 months of the day you paid for it.

    Student checkout privileges will be suspended until all lost book and unpaid overdue fines are taken care of at all the KISD libraries.