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Art Club 101

Art club will meet on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm

Club Info:

Our club will allow students to gain access to different art materials and strategies for making art. We will conduct most sessions under a Teaching for Artistic Behavior model. We will discuss an art movement, and we will have items available for the students to create an art piece or a craft. Every student will need a 9 X 12 sketchbook and a pack of Ticonderoga pencils.   


Students are expected to follow the school rules and procedures during club time as well. Everyone deserves to have a calm and nurturing club environment. Being negative toward other people or their art will not be allowed. Paw Pride tickets and surprises will be given out for those students who show great character and perseverance. 

Art Service Hours:  

Being in a club is also about reaching out and helping others. Our club will have an Art and Serve challenge available. Students can earn service hours for making a picture to cheer someone up, creating art with your family, and other similar challenges. Students that complete the requirements will be recognized. 

Donations and Volunteers:

Since there has already been a large amount of interest in art club, I anticipate the need for volunteers and supplies. We are especially interested in those who would like to teach us all an art or craft! Email me if you are interested in being a volunteer. We have no budget as a club right now and art supplies are expensive. I have attached a list of possible donations. We will also be holding a school-wide fundraiser to offset some of the cost

Art Club Donation List

Student watercolor packs





Colored Pencils




Various sizes of art paper

9 X 12 manilla paper


Tempera Paint

Tempera Cakes

Recycled Items: Paper towel rolls, empty shoeboxes, odd and ends like buttons, etc.